· According to Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the Presidential Council on Intellectual Property establishes and discloses personal information processing policy to protect the personal information and to quickly and actively deal with related grievances

Privacy Policy of <Global Forum on IP & Metaverse>

1. Consent for Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement

○ Purpose of collection and use of personal information
We protect your privacy, we collect and use personal information only for the following:
1) Register and manage website membership
- Confirmation of intention to sign up, maintenance and management of membership, prevention of unauthorized use of services, records preservation for various notifications and conciliation of dispute
2) Confirmation of service offer to join various programs
- Service offer to join various programs such as registration proceed by us.
- Distinguishment to confirm or change the request of service

○ Items and methods of collecting personal Information
We collect personal information only to offer various service in website. The collection of personal information is done through membership of the website.
- Required Items : Name, Company, Department, Position, E-mail, Phone number, Password While using service, following items which is automatically produced will be collected:
- Connected IP information, Cookies, record of service utilization, Connection log, etc.

○ Period of retention and method of destruction of personal information
- If you request, the collected information will be destroyed in 5 days.

○ Refusal of consent and disadvantages to the subject when denying consent
- You may refuse to accept the use of personal information, and if you do not agree, it may be difficult to attend the event

○ Third party provision of personal information
We can provide the information to the third party for the organization indicated for the
aforesaid purpose, and the organization receiving such information will neither use it for other
purpose or provide it to another entity

2. Consent on the provision to third party

○ In order to improve the service, we entrust personal information as follows.

Trustee Contents of entrusted information
MEC&WIP Inc. Conducting business for Global Forum on IP & Metaverse
Global Forum on IP & Metaverse, Investigation agency designated
by the Presidential Council on Intellectual Property
To peruse and store the record of the satisfaction survey

○ Manager of personal information protection
- Affiliated company : MEC&WIP Inc.
- Name : Chul kyu, Choi
- Phone number : +82-70-7688-7743

○ Report of infringement of personal information
Please let us know if you find out the possibility of personal information leakage while using the website that may infringe the rights and interests of the information subject.

○ Right, obligation and exert of information subject
The subject of information may exert the following rights concerning personal information protection to Global Forum on IP & Metaverse at any time
- Request for access to personal information
- Request for correction in case of error, etc.
- Request for deletion
- Request for treatment cessation

○ Safety assurance method of personal information
In order to ensure the security of personal information, we take the following measures:
1) Administrative measures
- Establishment and enforcement of internal management plans, regular employee training, etc.
2) Technical measures
- Access management of personal information processing system, web barriers, enciphering of personal information
3) Webpage and linksite
- If you click on a link or banner included in a web page to move to another web page, personal information processing policy will be applied to that site's operating policy. Please check the site's policy.

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